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The Metropolitan's famous painting of Venus and the Lute Player was unfinished at the time of Titian's death. Altro con una Venere ignuda mezza colca, e non finite sopra un letto con cupido dietro, che li vuole porle una ghirlanda di firori in testa, a piè di essa vi stà a sedere un giovine, che tocca un liuto, con berretta e cappa di veluto all'antica, e spada indorata al fianco, di là un paese con alcune alberi, ad uno de quale vi stà appoggiato uno, che sona, e certi che ballano, la Venere, et il giovine sono figure grandi al naturale, alto palmi sette e mezzo, largo 9 1/2 in tela con cornice dorata, di Titiano" (Another, with a nude Venus, unfinished, half reclining with, behind her, a cupid in the act of putting a garland of flowers on her head; at her feet is seated a youth who plays the lute [and he wears] a velvet hat in the old style and a gilded sword at his side; beyond is a landscape with some trees against one of which there is a figure who plays [an instrument] and others who dance; the Venus and the young man are life size, seven and a half palmi high and 9 1/2 palmi wide, on canvas with a gilded frame, by Titian; Pio 1724).

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It may be the "Venere nuda del titiano con cornice Bianca in forma grande che sta a giacere" (the nude Venus who is reclining, a large painting by Titian with a white frame) listed in a 1624 inventory of the collection of Cardinal Pio di Savoia (Testa 1994, pp. The Metropolitan's painting was acquired by Sir Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester, for Holkham Hall, where it is recorded until its sale in 1931 to the firm of Duveen; it was purchased by the Metropolitan in 1936.

The theme of the Metropolitan's picture was treated by Titian a number of times, re-using the same pose for the goddess. The first, and greatest, image of this sort is the so-called Venus of Urbino (Uffizi, Florence)—"so-called" because its recipient, Guidobaldo II della Rovere, referred to it merely as "la donna nuda", not as Venus, in his negotiations for the picture in 1538.

, Titian revealed both his appreciation of antiquity and his remarkable modernity.

During a sojourn in Rome he wrote that he was "learning from the marvelous ancient stones" that were being unearthed daily in the city.

There is a notable variation in quality from picture to picture, perhaps most easily appreciated in the Museo del Prado, where the two versions of the Venus and an Organ Player can be compared. 420) can be seen to be an essentially autograph, personalized picture, while the related variant that includes Cupid (inv. 420) is the superior picture is revealed not only by the major compositional changes documented in the x-ray, but by the individualized heads of Venus and the musician, as well by the fact that all areas have been brought to the same delicate degree of finish and, indicatively, that the folds of the coverlet do not follow the scheme found in the related compositions.