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The TIM coalition chapter in southern Nevada was formed in 2008.

The Freeway and Arterial System of Transportation (FAST) was also formed by the southern Nevada Regional Transportation Commission to provide video camera views of ongoing traffic from strategic locations by constantly monitoring traffic flows as they happen, second-by-second.

A high-voltage traction battery pack in today’s electric cars can be rated anywhere from 2 to 85 kilowatt-hours of energy capacity, enough electric power to supply the needs of a house for several days.

Although the chance of an electrical fire is much rarer in an electric vehicle battery storage pack than a more combustible gasoline storage tank, there is an additional potential for electric shock and chemical electrolyte irritation after a vehicle accident.

Each of these technologies have potential hazardous effects to the public if their energy storage systems are damaged during a traffic accident.

He emphasized the need to understand these new technologies and be prepared for them, as they pass through the southern Nevada transportation system.

video cameras are mounted at strategic intersections and highway locations shown on the link above.

A full-time staff is employed by the RTC FAST traffic division for two labor shifts at seven days a week, to monitor these traffic flows and anticipate potential congestion problems.

Meeting locations rotate to different membership agencies that host the event and arrange speakers about current topics.

During the January meeting, the TIM coalition gathered at Double Barrel Environmental Services at 595 Corinthian Way in Las Vegas, to talk about how to handle new electric cars, hybrids, and advanced lithium-ion battery pack technologies when they are involved in an automotive accident.

The TIM Coalition meeting agenda was particularly timely as the daily news media were reporting about the grounding of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft flights at several airports because of two recent fires this month centered around lithium-ion battery cells manufactured by GS Yuasa Company in Japan.