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The plot's outrageous complexity -- we haven't even gotten to Trench's colleague (Paula Patton), who's sleeping with him while keeping appointments with a mysterious second boyfriend -- may have been more credibly laid out in the source material, Steven Grant's five-issue comic series, but here it demands more than the usual suspension of disbelief.

Wahlberg shows more charm and vulnerability than he typically reveals in his action roles, playing Stig as a compulsive flirt with women but a romantic when it comes to bonds between men.Washington, dapper in a collection of sharp-brimmed hats, again finds ways to support a younger white co-star while remaining the most magnetic ingredient onscreen.In fact corruption is so rampant — naval officers, DEA honchos or, most chilling of all, a CIA operative — that Edward James Olmos’ Mexican drug lord Papi Greco seems at least transparent in his mean business.With Bill Paxton’s turn as a psychopathic CIA agent, the movie also recalls “No Country for Old Men,” without any of the existential insights.PHOTOS: Denzel Washington: His Life and Career in Pictures Wisely stepping back from the furrowed-brow seriousness of his first two American productions, Kormakur appears to be having a good time here.

He's still far from the wry sexiness of his 2000 Icelandic debut, , a film leaning more toward Pedro Almodovar than to Michael Bay, but this effort has a personality beyond the charisma of its leads.

Or as DEA agent Bobby Trench (Washington) and naval intelligence officer Michael “Stig” Stigman joke, the ebony and ivory keys on a piano.

That there’s little harmonious about their alliance for much of the picture is what makes the movie consistently entertaining.

The story is inspired from a graphic novel, but it doesn't have the traditional comic book feel to it.

In fact 2 GUNS is, despite its convoluted plot and wild improbabilities, a pretty enjoyable buddy action movie - I'm sure 2 GUNS 2 will be in the works before long.

They’re casing a bank in a dusty Texas border town.