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With the GALAXY Note 10.1 you can multitask as you would on a PC.Pausing the movie or closing your browser to start a new task is the way of the past.Buffering would take long before I could load to my Netflix account, and video could play on the screen.

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If you compare 3G bandwidth specs on Safaricom to Airtel therein lie the reason Airtel’s 3G download speed is at 1.5 mb/s while Safaricom’s 3G download speed is at 2.3 mbs/s.

That means Safaricom passed 40% more data in one second than Airtel, thus the difference in price, quality and the overall experience.

Yes, on the Safaricom network you run out of bundles 2 X faster than Airtel, thus it will cost more for Safaricom subscribers wishing to buy bundles for long or short validity but there were more interesting finding in our experiment. How much bundles do I use when Streaming a movie on Netflix (yes, it had to be Netflix) using Safaricom’s data compared to Airtel’s data bundles. Variable Network used (Safaricom 3G then Airtel 3G) I adjusted the data usage settings for my Netflix account to reduce the amount of bandwidth used while watching Netflix. Each estimate below is per stream: Starting time; the elapsed time from when’ ‘play’’ is pushed to when video starts on the screen.

I noted with Airtel there are places where it’s not possible to stream a movie because of internet problem, which also affects internet supplies.

Conclusion Safaricom is expensive yes, but very efficient, while Airtel is affordable, so when choosing what network to go with know you will have to make some compromises along the way.

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On pause and resume the movie it would take time repulsing.