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I'll try to post pictures tomorrow and weigh the parts that came off to compare with the parts that will go on. I'm sure I will knock off a couple hundred pounds by switching to fglass bumpers and dumping all of the A/C garbage. Even you Cayenne owners Mark.sucks..it'll be tough to be left behind, but you are going to be in California man! I guess I could try and put the turn signal on the fender here it sits just waiting for the season to get going again, in january . you can see in this pic how i modified the fender to fit around the bumper mount.

I think it'll be a good thing Not alot to show just yet. I was amazed at how heavy the impact bumpers along with their brackets and shocks were.

The 964 is a good base but more expensive than a SC or 3.2 Carrera. If you can fine one that will not be missed, already molested.

Good cars are starting to appreciate and it is a shame to lose one to major modification.

The least expensive route would probably be a mid-late 70's 911, or an early 912 tub. Excellence did an article a few years back about a 964-based RSR tribute car.

With a mid-late 70's car you would already have a 2.7 engine to facilitate the upgrade to a 2.8. I don't recall the details but I do remember there were a couple of extra challenges over doing it with an earlier body style.

Hi, I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone could answer a couple of questions that I have. I want to create a 1973 2.8 RSR but I'm not sure if I should use a 964 (either a c2 or c4) or a pre 964 car. I see that there is a company (GT Racing) that offers body kits to create an RSR has anyone heard anything about them? Just my opinion...a pre 964 (actually pre 1987) would be a closer match to what the 73 was as far as dash, chassis, trunk area, etc. If you want the car to be a close match and look more authentic then go with a pre 87 car.

If you just want it to look like an RSR but have the newer G50 gearbox, chassis, engine then go with a C2 964.

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I'm not a body expert so I'd probably get an experienced shop to do the bodywork. I dont think you can buy a kit to convert a 964 to a longhood, that is Singer territory.

1969-1989 bodies are essentially the same, and that is what you would want to chose from to make things easiest.

So of I'm using FG body panels the weight savings would cancel out the heavier aspect of the c4.