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To get you even more pumped for the two-hour premiere, ET caught up with the 6'4" hunk before his journey even began, to find out what he considers to be the ultimate dating deal breaker and why he's ready to tie the knot.

MORE: Ben Higgins' 'Bachelor' Women Revealed: From 'Chicken Enthusiast' to 'Unemployed' We're going to be honest, when we first discovered that Higgins was in the running to be the next , we had one major concern: his age.

"I have a job, I've moved to a little bigger city, I've been able to set some roots there by getting a house -- my life has kind of started.

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It's hiking, it's fishing -- I'd like to have a wife who enjoys those things or at least can go out and hang out with me as well." He added, "I'd like to find somebody that isn't incredibly high maintenance.

That would be nice because my life isn't very high maintenance." Ben also revealed a huge pet peeve: people who document every single minute of their life on social media. "I think in today's age, we get very concentrated on being on our phones all the time and we lose track of who is around us." The Indiana native continued, "Even before this experience started the first time, it wasn't something that I concentrated on.

I had one night stands, months-long flings, and revisits with exes.