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Now imagine you let that person convince you to send them intimate pictures of you from your cell phone, only to get a threatening message in return claiming you sent those pictures to a minor and telling you they were going to file criminal charges if you didn't pay them off.

Well that's exactly what investigators say Kevin Zunk and Tonya Blaze, both of Toledo, Ohio, did to at least seven people across the country, extorting over ,000 from them.

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They wanted me to come in for an interview at today so I called my mom and this is what she told me.Recently in Humble, TX there was a girl who got the same type of phone call and when she went in to interview, something felt off so she left and called the sheriffs office.A friend shared the following post on Facebook: Girls.I just got a call from a business saying that they needed girls to work this summer as a receptionist for an hour.According to the affidavit the Florida man says he sent nude photos to Zunk after meeting him through the dating service and soon after Zunk called him claiming that the pictures were sent to Zunk's 11-year-old daughter.

Zunk then demanded money claiming that he needed it to cover the cost of changing his daughter's number and to appease his distraught wife. You all read the article in the Deccan Herald about Sri Sri going to visit the Nithyananda temple and Mr. Before the Nithyananda scandal broke out, Rajshree Patel, the executive director of the Art of Living LA Center went and met Popat Savla, the head of the Nithyananda org. Even after the scandal broke out Sri Sri had the guts to visit them in LA.___________________________________________________________________ My chat with Kimberly did continue for a bit after that, but it just got increasingly repetitive and desperate. If you are concerned about being the victim of internet scams, there is a simple and effective solution.Never, ever send any money, to anyone who approaches you online, for any reason.For a while I received this exact message several times a day, always with a different fake name and stolen photo attached. If you respond to the message, the reply comes swiftly – sometimes so swiftly that it could only be another pre-written cut/paste, which it is. After this second message it’s time for the scammer to begin interacting personally.