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Plus, a look inside the constellation of immigrant visa programs that are on the table for reform, and, of course, a roundtable about what happened this week with Nela Richardson of Redfin and Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post.

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Or consider this scenario - Professor A accepts the documentation and provides accommodation without going through channels, as do Professors B and C, and then Professor D says, "I will provide accommodations when I receive proper notification from the disability services office that is appropriate." Professor D looks like the villain for following the rules!

More distressing however, is the possibility that the institution may be facing some very real difficulties if the disability services office determines that some of the accommodations that Professors A, B, and C provided were not warranted by the documentation and does not prescribe those same accommodations for Professor D to provide.

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Most faculty members in higher education today understand the legal and educational imperatives that mandate equal access to students with disabilities through academic accommodations.

The faculty member should not be discussing the information that has been shared (because of issues of privacy and confidentiality), and yet the student may be expecting to receive similar consideration and accommodation from other faculty on the basis of having provided the documentation to someone in authority at the institution.

If it is not made clear that the institution has not bee "notified" until the documentation is provided and requests are made from such-and-such an office, the institution may not be in a position to defend itself from charges of discrimination by neglect for a student who does not receive accommodation by others within the institution.

Student Jeopardy Students with disabilities will still have those disabilities after they leave the postsecondary environment.

Whether they choose to go on to graduate or professional school or seek a place in the world of work, chances are that if they needed accommodations to successfully function in higher education, they may need accommodation in their future endeavors as well.

More and more often, those settings beyond the postsecondary experience are ready and willing to provide accommodations on the basis of verification from the higher education institution that those same accommodations have been provided during the student's postsecondary career.