Adam garcia and kimberly wyatt dating

The troupe was brought together in 2010 by Choreographer Omar Ansah-Awuahlater.

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However, it now feels the natural time for the series to take its bow.

Mac Donald announced the sad news: ‘Got to Dance has been a defining show for Sky1 of which we are very proud.

With Halloween looming, we’ve been watching spooky shows like The Walking Dead and True Detective, and have just finished watching the Channel 4 series Fargo. We clean the house, do the laundry and dishes and I make a big breakfast for Max – my ‘hungry man’s breakfast’ – with beans, eggs, bacon and toast. So I train at the gym with a pregnancy fitness coach or do yoga at home.

“Then we take Cupid, our Chihuahua, out for a walk.

IMD Legion are now hoping to go one step further, becoming Got to Dance champions and winning £250,000.

Revelling in the opportunity, Khryese told the Enfield Independent: "It was amazing, a life-time memory and I can't wait to do it agian tomorrow.

In 2010, she was announced to be a judge with Paula Abdul and Travis Payne on US show 'Live to Dance'.

In the same year she formed the group Her Majesty & The Wolves with Spencer Nezey and released album '111' in 2011.

She performed her new solo single 'Derriere' on 'Got To Dance' in 2013.

Best known as a member of US pop group The Pussycat Dolls, Kimberly Wyatt left the group in 2010 and in the same year became a judge on Sky 1 dance show, Got To Dance, alongside Ashley Banjo and Adam Garcia.

Sometimes we’ll have friends around or Max’s family. I’m not good at cooking roasts so we go to the pub. We take a walk and I do internet shopping, buying things for the nursery on e Bay using the Click & Collect service.“In the evening we get cosy and watch catch-up TV, box sets and films.