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Unless otherwise specified, it consists of both their Checked and Hand Baggage."BAGGAGE CHECK" means those portions of the Ticket which relate to the carriage of the Passenger’s Checked Baggage.

These regulations are known as Spice Jet Non-International Carriage (passenger and baggage) Regulations 1992.

The liability of the company for damage sustained in the event of the death or wounding of a passenger or any other bodily injury suffered by a passenger or by his registered baggage during the course of carriage by air will be governed by the provisions of sections 4,5,6 and the rules contained in the Second Schedule of Carriage by Air Act 1972 with certain exceptions, adaptations, modifications, etc. of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation Notification and as amended from time to time.

(International) Article 1 - What particular expressions mean in these conditions As the Passenger reads these conditions, please note that: "PASSENGER" means any person, except members of the crew, carried or to be carried in an aircraft pursuant to a Ticket. "AGREED STOPPING PLACES" means those places, except the place of departure and the place of destination, set out in the Ticket or shown in the airlines’ timetables as scheduled stopping places on the Passenger’s route.

"Spice Jet DESIGNATOR CODE" means the two characters or three letters which identify particular air carriers and in the case of "Spice Jet Limited" will mean "SG".

"CHECKED BAGGAGE" means Baggage of which Spice Jet takes custody and for which the airline has issued a Baggage Check.

"CHECK-IN DEADLINE" means the time limit specified by Spice Jet by which the Passenger must have completed check-in formalities and received their boarding pass.Passengers may change the date of their return flight in the same class of service.However, the return date must be before the expiry date of the ticket. Fees are waived for passengers holding the complete unused ticket itinerary with travel date booked within 30 April 2016.Proof of age (60 Years and above) will be required 10% Individual Student discount will be applicable in Economy Cabin for all Domestic Sectors on available RBD of Economy Class.The carriage of a Passenger is subject to Spice Jet regulations relating to the conditions of Non-International Carriage (Passenger and Baggage) framed in accordance with The Carriage by Air Act, 1972 and Notification regarding application of the Carriage which is non-international."AUTHORISED AGENT" means a Passenger sales agent who has been appointed by Spice Jet to represent the airline in the sale of air transportation on its services.