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Search marketers turning a blind eye to artificial intelligence might want to take a closer look. Similar to the how search engines work, especially on mobile devices, the more you converse with her the smarter she gets.

Similar to robots, which I shared with you on Wednesday, Tay should have the ability to have conversations by pulling in information from across the Web.It's almost unbelievable today that Black Berry ruled the smartphone market once.We need to have an association with and relationship to technology.As more advanced AI is on the horizon, the debate about the role of AI in art, and its validity as art, is inevitable.” Artificial intelligence is generally defined as “the study and design of intelligent agents”, where this agent is a system that can perceive and interact with its environment, taking decisions that maximise its chance of success.Apple can do rudimentary versions of all of those, but their competitors -- again, especially Google -- are far ahead of them, and the gap is only widening.

And Apple is showing worryingly few signs of meaningful improvement or investment in these areas. The Cortana-maker has also placed large bets on AI.

But if the landscape shifts to prioritise those big-data AI services, Apple will find itself in a similar position as Black Berry did almost a decade ago: what they're able to do, despite being very good at it, won't be enough anymore, and they won't be able to catch up.

Where Apple suffers is big-data services and AI, such as search, relevance, classification, and complex natural-language queries.

At this point, he argues, human and machine intelligence will merge to form a “Singularity” – a melding of biological and synthetic minds.

The philosopher Nick Bostrom warns that unless we take preventive action, machines will favour machine interests over human interests, and the result of this, physicist Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk (aka Tesla) warn, is that computers will obliterate their human hosts.

Apple's apparent inaction shows that they're content with their services' quality, management, performance, advancement, and talent acquisition and retention. According to job postings on its portal, it appears, for instance, that Microsoft is also working on Google Home-like service.