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When Hopper's monthly checks stopped coming altogether, she had to go back to work."I've gone back to teaching.

I do substitute teaching, and it's not easy," Hopper told Davis.

Cooper allegedly prepared quarterly statements he mailed to the investors, making them believe their funds were being utilized in legitimate programs and were earning more than 11 percent in returns.

Tribble received monthly statements showing big gains.No one was the wiser until she needed her money after becoming ill in 2010.The lawsuit accuses Happy Hippie and its operators, Essam M.Ali-Hasan and James Ayling, of violating the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act by leading consumers to believe the illegal drugs sold to them are safe and legal.If the company doesn't have a license, don't give them money.

Live sound gear can be intimidating, but Yamaha's new EMX5016CF Powered Mixer takes the confusion out of setting up a professional-sounding live music experience.

The indictment alleges that on many occasions, investors would wire funds from personal accounts directly into Cooper's commercial banking account or would mail or hand deliver their investment checks to Cooper personally.

Investors that were using their retirement funds would wire the funds via an intermediary, self-directed IRA custodian to Cooper's commercial bank account, according to the allegations.

The state wants the Harris County District Court to grant a temporary injunction against the shop, halting all production and sale of controlled substances, including synthetic cannabinoids.

This is the 11th lawsuit Paxton has filed to block the sale of synthetic cannabinoid in Texas.

Now he's accused of stealing million from more than 50 people."I know we'll probably never see any of our money, but if he spends the rest of his life in jail and can't do this to other families, that's what is important to me."Cooper is not allowed to have any financial dealings while he is out on bond. Word of Cooper's "12 percent account" spread mostly word of mouth and friend to friend and through churches.