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Now, TVLine is reporting that Meloni is being courted for a “major role” as a “powerful vampire” – as opposed to? Like Valentina Cervi and Lucy Griffiths, the two women who have been cast as season 5 vamps, he is gorgeous and will therefore fit right in. The news comes courtesy of TV Line, who says that Meloni will be playing “an incredibly powerful vampire.” As if there was any doubt.

Still, the tabloids keep getting tips that Anne and Alex are seeing each other and she’s really into him and he’s up for it, etc, etc. Victoria’s Secret Angel Anne Vyalitsyna is still aflutter over Alexander Skarsgard, 35, whom she started seeing in June.

“She’s in that nervous, waiting-for-him-to-call phase,” a source says of the model, 26, who ended a two-year relationship with Adam Levine in April.

It’s Lucy Griffiths, lately Marian in the BBC series Robin Hood.

TV Guide reports: Griffiths will play Nora, another vampire sired by Godric, making her the vampire sister of Eric (Alexander Skarsgard).

I think she’s his type (skinny blonde famewhore), and she’s looking to upgrade from Adam Levine.

But I’m not sure if all of these little tabloid items amount to much of a relationship.

While they’re not actually relatives, they’re considered brother and sister because Godric turned them both, but while Nora loves her ‘brother,’ she ultimately serves a higher purpose.

According to TVLine, Nora is described as “intelligent, intimidating, cool under pressure and a very good liar.”This won’t be Griffiths’ first attempt at making a splash in the Us » - Marty Shaw True Blood will be expanding its undead roster in Season 5 with the addition of a young lady with close ties to Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard).

Nora is described as intelligent and intimidating, along with being a good liar, which serves her well as a double agent within the Vampire Authority. And when they say “loves Eric deeply,” do they mean sisterly love? All these questions and more may or may not be answered when the new season premieres …True Blood » - Erin Willard True Blood Season 5 – Lucy Griffiths in from Sherwood Fans of BBC’s Robin Hood might recognize Lucy Griffiths as Marian but she will soon be expanding her fan base in a huge way as she joins HBO’s mega-hit, True Blood, as a character with special ties to Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric.

Though she loves Eric deeply, she’s dedicated her life to a higher purpose. The 25-year-old British actress will have a few years added to her when she becomes a series regular during True Blood Season 5 as Eric’s sister, Nora, a centuries-old vampire working as a double-agent within the Vampire Authority.

My take: model Anne V (Anne Vyalitsyna) has been dropping hints and tips to the tabloids about her “relationship” with Alexander Skarsgard for the better part of two months.