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Skarsgård says its appeal is that 'you can sit back and enjoy it, but it's also really intelligent.It says a lot about society today and about how we relate to each other.' His appearances as Eric in the first series were few but mesmerising, and instantly propelled him to the status of the series' sex symbol.The town is said to have got its name because people believed trolls lived in the nearby river.

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I needed some kind of structure, I think, because it was so chaotic in the rest of the apartment.' His father was performing in repertory theatre at the time, and would often be rehearsing one play during the day and performing in another in the evening.'He worked a lot,' Skarsgård says, 'so I would hang out backstage at the theatre and just play there because it was pretty much the only chance I got to spend time with my dad. " – the movie I did was because the director was a friend of my dad's.When he's not covering the latest in pop culture, you can find him playing with his French Bulldog puppy or hovering over the table of food at any social gathering.Appearing on Tuesday night's installation of The Project, Alexander was asked to select the best kisser out of Australian actors Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman and Ryan Kwanten- all of whom he had once shared an on-screen smooch with.So far the relationship is progressing well, they're having fun together.”Evan has previously dated a string of stars including Marilyn Manson and Shane West.

Sweden used to be known for peace, Abba and long hours of daylight. Prior to his role on the hit vampire drama, Skarsgard decided to skip college and instead, enlisted on the Swedish military.Years later, he studied theater in New York at Marymount Manhattan College before moving back home and becoming a Swedish film star., and were able to keep it low key, very underground while they were in Los Angeles.They never ventured out to pap friendly locations and were only sighted a few times discreetly.We are going to see a lot more of him in the second series. He also starred as Brad 'Iceman' Colbert in Generation Kill, HBO's acclaimed drama series about the US invasion of Iraq.