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but also unreal at the same time, the little girl Jazmine should be smacked because of her smart mouth at that age. It isn't funny, it's very very annoying and rude. “A September wedding is in the works.” Demetria is already proudly showing off her stunning new rock in an Instagram pic posted Tuesday.

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J., his wife, Janine, and their two children, Malik and Jasmine. 27 June 2007A school assembly about "Say No To Drugs" upsets Jazmine, because of Janine's drug problems.Meanwhile, the firefighters protest after Curtis refuses to replace the broken television at the firehouse. J.'s comes back in his life with a claim that is bound to rock his world. She is known for her work as Janine Shelton–Payne on the TBS comedy sitcom Tyler Perry's House of Payne (2006–2012).She was nominated for a 2009 National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) Vision Award for Best Performance in a Comedy, in recognition of her work on House of Payne.J., who are both firefighters, are called away to a house fire. accepts Curtis and Ella's money offer, but when he uses the money to put Janine in rehab she checks herself out, causing C. to lose the money and find a way to break the news to Curtis.

After they return, however, they bring with them the news that the house that was on fire belonged to C. moves his family into the basement of Curtis and Ella's house, a situation about which nobody is very happy. Meanwhile, Calvin shows off Curtis and Ella's house as his own to impress a girl.singer/actress and her longtime boyfriend, film and TV producer Roger Bobb.The couple got engaged on New Year's Day, Wetpaint reports.Of course, it doesn’t help that his Uncle Curtis is also his boss down at the fire station.CJ’s ex, Janine (Demetria Mc Kinney), beats her addictions and moves into the house with her ex and their kids, Jazmine (China Anne Mc Clain), Malik (Larramie “Doc” Shaw), and twins Hayden and Jayden. I am happy, making amazing music with @nealante , and in a new relationship ….yes, with this cutie right here!