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In fact, the percentage of Americans aged 18 to 29 not living with a partner (married or unmarried) increased to 64 percent in 2014 from 48 percent in 2005.It’s not 100 percent clear why sexual activity is down.Spending more time at the office or watching porn were actually linked to busier sex lives, the study says.

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The study points to some possible culprits, like a decline in happiness in people over 30 that was found in another study by two of the same authors.

But another reason might be tied to cultural changes that have happened in the past 20 years — namely, the rise of social media and video streaming, the authors speculate.

People also define “sex” differently, so some respondents might include masturbation — solo or together — as sex, and others might not.

), now 39, was also caught with 321 films containing child pornography featuring children as young as two years old.

On Feb 13, Robinson, who used to be a senior visual effects artist, pleaded guilty to four counts of making obscene films and three counts of having consensual sex with minors.

He also admitted to one count each of being in possession of obscene films and exhibiting an obscene object to a child.One reason Americans may be having less sex is that they are unattached, with just 59 per cent of people living with a partner in 2014, compared with 66 per cent in 1986, the study said.Researchers from San Diego University in California, Widener University in Chester, Penn., and Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Fla., used data from the U. General Social Survey which posed questions to a representative sample of 26,620 American adults from 1989-2014.Americans are having less sex — and it might be because more people don’t have a stable partner or spouse, or because we spend more time binge-watching TV shows and browsing social media. A new study, published this week in the journal , shows that in the 1990s, Americans generally had sex from about 60 to 65 times a year; but by 2014, the average American had sex about 53 times a year.Millennials and Generation Z were also found to have sex less often than any previous generation.They had unprotected sexual intercourse and he recorded the act with his mobile phone.