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So does the species of animal or plant outlast and antedate the lifetime of one man.

They believe in local spirits who are to be worshiped; some of these are of human origin, and some antedate all human life.


Located in the Donets Basin, Luhansk developed into an important industrial center of Eastern Europe, particularly as a home to the major locomotive-building company Luhanskteplovoz.The city was occupied by Nazi Germany between July 14, 1942 and February 14, 1943.Cicero's The Dream of Scipio, later interpreted by Macrobius and alluded to by Boethius, where past and present predict the future, this tragic myth evolves ironically beyond Aesculapian dream traditions of healing prophetic oneiroscopy, instead creating a dream prison disguised as a dream palace.), formerly known as Voroshilovgrad (1935-19-1990) is a city in the easternmost Ukraine.After the rebels captured Luhansk and the southern parts of the Oblast, the (pro-Kiev) administration moved to Sievierodonetsk.

The city traces its history to 1795 when the British industrialist Charles Gascoigne founded a metal factory near the Zaporizhian Cossacks settlement Kamianyi Brid.

Antedates can also be used illegally to benefit the parties involved by shifting dates in contracts to achieve more desirable terms. If an employee submits a form late for benefits, antedating the contract can be positive in that it protects the employee from losing benefits.

On the other hand, antedating can also be used negatively.

Dinosaurs antedated the first human beings by almost 65 million years, though this stubborn fact never used to stop cartoonists and screenwriters from having the two species inhabit the same story line.

Dictionary editors are constantly noticing how the oral use of a word may antedate its first appearance in print by a number of years.

The date is relevant only in that it regulates the term of payment that bears reference to the date of the bill.