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But it was the strongest reaction to anything I’ve ever done!

It was either: absolutely love it, or absolutely hate it. ’ I mean, I literally could have raped a horse and people wouldn’t have been as angry.” Fielding is currently, however, giving telly a rest to do something he hasn’t done since 2009: go on the road.

For Noel Fielding is one of surreal comedy’s 24-carat originals: a worthy heir to The Goons, Monty Python and (yes) Kenny Everett, and a match for the great Eddie Izzard.

Between 20, there followed three Boosh series on BBC Three - “little fairy-tales” as Fielding now puts it – whose cult popularity gradually burgeoned to the point where the pair’s 2008-2009 live tour was filling arenas and raking in millions and Fielding had become a national heart-throb.(During a telly interview around the time of that tour, when the pair were asked if there were any questions that people often asked either of them, Barratt instantly and brilliantly replied, “Yes – 'Where’s Noel?It was great, but there were 50 people travelling with us and there were trucks of stuff.We had Marilyn Manson’s tour bus, we were staying in five-star hotels. We used to get up for the [late-afternoon] sound-check and then do the show and then party.’ ”) Many, however, will know Fielding as a team captain in the BBC Two comedy pop quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks, or perhaps as a teammate of friend and fellow dandy Russell Brand on Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz of the Year, and he was also Richmond the goth in the sitcom The IT Crowd.

Close pals with the band Kasabian, he is said to have counted Ben Stiller and the late Robin Williams among Boosh admirers, and is these days living in north London with his girlfriend, Xfm DJ Lliana Bird.It could be the product of an unholy fertility rite involving Frankenstein’s monster, the Incredible Hulk and The Silence of the Lambs’ psycho Buffalo Bill. ” He pauses for a second, as if pondering whether the reference to the flamboyant glam-metal band is quite right - but he is soon sure.“I made this the other day,” says Fielding, in those breezily honeyed tones of his. “If Lionel Messi wore Kiss make-up, that’s what he’d look like,” Fielding says firmly, roaring with laughter.And the people who didn’t like it were angry: 'WHAT... Unlike that earlier tour, An Evening with Noel Fielding is a solo venture, even if it does also feature his younger brother, Michael, and actor Tom Meeten, regular collaborators both.He describes it as “half-an-hour of stand-up, and then it’s characters and music and animation”.He also fondly recalls his parents’ record collection – “Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind – all the weird stuff” – and, like any of us lucky enough to have been born in the early Seventies, was weaned on a diet of blazingly odd, Sixties-hangover children’s TV shows such as Animal Kwackers, Chorlton and the Wheelies, Pipkins and The Banana Splits.