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Next comes “Killing Time,” which is introduced by a couple of simple, yet solemn sound effects followed quickly by simple, but heavy drum work and sober vocals.

Kicked up for the chorus with a wider range on the guitars and drums, Azai’s warped vocals give an air of frustration and Scott nearly screams the next few lines.

Kicking the energy back up, “Just The Beginning” jolts right into the Rock with fast guitars and crashing drums while accusing vocals keep pace, and they are as emotionally charged as the beat itself.Adding a delicate touch, Anzai takes over on vocals once more for “Walls (You Changed).” Raising the temperature, the calmness takes off into a powerful chorus as guitars and drums play quietly as Anzai’s bass punches through here and there.Defying all odds, they would go on to international Rock success that grew over years of hard work.Their 2007 album that would see the band go in a different direction, one which polarized some fans.This is before the bass kicks, dramatically going into the first verse, then diving back in on the chorus.

Then, as the finale, “Here With You” slows things down with a calm intro before the instruments all flow together to create a smooth beat.This is complemented by the vocals, which truly give the sense of a beautiful chaos with Anzai singing almost in response to Scott, making for a truly haunting piece.While the album winds down, the fury continues with “If I stay,” which features crashing percussion with the kick drum really standing out.In late 2014 Sick Puppies was shaken up by the departure of their lead vocalist Shimon Moore.Shimon started a new project called Screaming at Demons, who quickly released a song called "Rockstar" followed by announcing the release of "Our Time" which features Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers as a guest drummer.After a short pause, quiet, emotional vocals leads back, creating a solid Alternative Rock love song vibe.