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If you it, immigration authorities already have the information on your original application, so there is less risk in submitting the renewal application than in submitting a first-time application.

Because we don’t know what might happen to DACA under the Trump administration, we recommend that you consult with an immigration attorney or a Board of Immigration Appeals–accredited representative before submitting a renewal application.

Top Most information cannot be updated because it must be accurate as of the day you originally signed your FAFSA.

You could also try taking the steps described in NILC’s to submit an application for DACA at this time, while you’re waiting to see what the Trump administration decides about the DACA program you can gather any supporting documents that you will have to submit with your application if and when you apply.You can also fill out the application forms so they will be ready to file.It provides information about their eligibility to act on your behalf.Also, make sure to use the latest edition of Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization), which is dated 01/17/17 (the date is in the form’s bottom-left corner).You should speak to the financial aid office at the school you plan to attend if there will be a significant change in your or your parent’s income for the present year or if your family has other circumstances that cannot be reported on the FAFSA.

You may update your mailing address, email address, and other contact information if it has changed. Note: No more than 10 schools may be listed on your FAFSA at one time.

want to know your situation as of the day you sign the FAFSA.

However, there are some instances in which you’ll want to (or be required to) change the information you reported.

But since the election, he has not said exactly if, when, or how he might do this. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) confirmed on January 23 that USCIS is still accepting and processing DACA applications, despite the possibility that that the DACA program might be terminated.

Nor do we know what his administration’s officials might do with the information that DACA applicants have submitted on their applications. Since DACA was created in 2012, anyone deciding whether or not to apply for it has had to weigh the benefits and risks of applying.

Note: The online FAFSA doesn’t allow you to change your Social Security number (SSN).