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Nobody writes about this type of soldier and they themselves aren’t the talkative type.

Her dad was 50/50 Armenian and Iranian, and her mom is 100% American, so it technically makes her 1/3 Armenian.

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Before the war the area was verdant and well irrigated.

No water flows here today and the land is covered with yellowing grass.

One of the guys, when describing the area, likened it to a pair of fishnet stockings.

The name stuck and this most dangerous part of the border goes by the moniker until today.

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vt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resizevt_resize They call this section of the Artsakh-Azerbaijani border “the whore’s fishnet stockings”.

It was the site of fierce battles during the war and both sides suffered heavy losses. Azeri artillery shells and mortars turned the area into a series of crisscrossing pot marks resembling fishnet stockings.

She has no business commentating on serious political matters.