Armory not updating patch 4 0

This happens on firefox, chrome, edge and even on mobile phone. Hello Andheswithme, It is neither a bug nor something you can influence. We have no ETA so far for when the work will be done. And that's OK because it was deliberate and therefore not a bug?Kind regards_______________________________________What's your opinion? Maybe its OK with the Wo W team to do that, but it's not OK with me as a new subscriber.

So, I switched my transmog two days ago, and the armory still shows me with this one.

Anyone know why the armory doesn't update properly?

dont know if this is an issue blizzard isnt dealing with till the expansion but it is quite frustrating to say the least.

As of 10/29 after site maintenance, it appears the problem has not been resolved.

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It has been a massive amount of work and I hope you are pleased with the end result.

When I click the links on the roster page of the incorrect guild, it shows us being in the correct guild.

We need to recruit, and Armory data being correct is essential to that effort.

None of these changes have been updated on the wow armory website. Yah since i started playing about a month ago this has been happening.

I beleive it started right at the first week of the month because the guild i made shows only 20 members and we currently have around 130.....

Specially with the raid being released next week when it's important to have a working armory for sites like Open Raid to have your updated character profile for stuff...