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So when a member buys a username and password this user name and password will act as there user name and log in info as well for there mail box .

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Don't think that you can earn much with 2000 users. Can manage all the parts of the site, but can’t edit, for example, the template of your Dating web-site. 5 hours have passed already and I didn’t get any response as of yet. The main difference between this solution and the others of such kind is that it is based on (Active Server Pages), developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. The technology is more complicated than PHP and it can be seen as a disadvantage. Here what we can see in Edit Languages section: Clicked on “Edit” for English language: Seems that with “Edit Languages” Dating means that you can change the name of the language. At least I could find nothing else to change in Languages section. That’s bad if you take a hosted solution, your site has problems on Friday evening and there’s nobody to fix it until the morning of Monday. I think that there is no need to write a conclusion. /p ASP dating software | By: Guy Not Important | Aug 21, 2011 I was interested in thier software so much that I spent the last 4 days evaluating my options for hosting providerse as mine does not support Asp! NET platform and is intended to create web-applications. Tried to go and edit some words in the language files. Seems they don’t work on week-ends (review is written on Saturday).Earlier versions changes do not get documented in changelogs completely that's why you can face serious problems upgrading it and keeping your unique modifications.

Change Log files for each version tell you what was new in that particular dot Silver partner dating script and help you upgrade smoothly with keeping your unique modifications.OK , we are a up and runnning personals site on the net. our scripts we are happy with just need features added We are looking for someone who can add a internal mail box system into our personals script.( written in asp now) also be able to build everything in a way that there user name from our proccessor will be the same info once inside the members area.## Deliverables features : 1: be able to set our sites up and our proccessor up so that when a member logs in to the system to read ads or respond to ads, our sytstem knows who they are.At the homepage of the company we can see the following statement: NO MONTHLY, ANNUAL OR HIDDEN FEES Well, I can agree that there aren't any hidden fees, but why they've written NO MONTHLY, ANNUAL fees when 2 licenses from 3 have monthly fees? The source is encrypted, means no modification is possible. Is this such a great and necessary feature when it costs so much? The design is CSS based, not too many graphical files which will guarantee the fast loading of the site. I suspect that all the "positive reviews" about it were written by the publisher.Besides of it I see the following on the main page of the web-site: 100% FREE INSTALLATION But in the pricelist we see: 79 setup fee for Hosted Version license type 490 setup fee for Source Code Dedicated Server Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Besides of it, the quantity of registered users is limited by 2000. All the default templates are created for 800x600 resolution monitors, no liquid layout. Read more This is not a real review | By: Eric O | Feb 11, 2010 This review is a complete crock.Importants thing to post in the united arab emirates kingdom states.