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Check the firewall's stats just an hour after installing it.... I've used both with various email clients and email filter software.

U will B shocked at how many intrusions, including high level it has already fended off! If you do get any conflicts, just go into the firewall options and allow email in and out.

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I can start the spyware scans, even the online ones, but they won't finish or will lock up during scan.Parts of some program load pages are missing (looks like holes in the page).I no longer have the program so I will no longer be posting updates for it (or any other than has no updates page) unless Grisoft decides to take the time to post them again.9,120417,backpage=,sv=The only way to find the info on the signatures is like Rod wrote to download and use the program or go to which still have the info on # of threats and time stamp but no download link....which are so badly infested, they can't connect to the internet.If there's no internet connection, you can't update the defs.

Previously, I could install AVG Antispyware, then update the definitions with the manual installer, then run a full scan of the computer..

I did find 2 trojans on here, but I don't think Adaware got it all. When I downloaded AVG Anti-spyware from grisoft site it said there was a trojan horse c:\docume~1\owner\locals~1\temp\nst B.tmp\I told it to heal, but it still popped up when Iinstalled the program.

I looked online and many people report similar things. Will Microsoft trash their own Antispyware product before it even comes out of beta??? Microsoft Antispyware still detects Clarias/Gator's adware but the recommended action is now set to Ignore.

Again, Zone Alarm or Commodo both excellent choices.

Worrying about antspywares---the new, official leit motif of this forum of late.....absent a decent firewall, is kinda like looking for a good .22c magnum derringer when entering the heart of Baghdad in a bikini. you get one of the really good free firewalls, make sure you keep the Less Than, in my opinion, W one disabled. You should have no problems emailing with either Zone Alarm or Comodo installed.

I don't know if AVG Free Edition comes w/firewall or not. Or will they link it to my computer and not let me have it?