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It is only an estimate based on the information you supply.

Some of the information you input into the calculator will be transferred to the online claim form should you wish to continue with a claim following your trial calculation.

If you are on a low income, even if you are working, you may be able to get help with your rental costs. If you are making a new claim and are single or living in one of the following postcode areas, you may need to claim Universal Credit instead.

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If you are unable to use the online form, go to our HB and CTS downloadable form.

The online form is quicker and easier to complete and saves time.

Find out more about how the housing benefit scheme works.

If you believe you qualify for housing benefit, you can make a claim online.

This page tells you how to claim Housing Benefit from London Borough of Merton.

If you live outside the London Borough of Merton you must apply for Housing Benefit from the borough that you live in.

You should only claim Housing Benefit if you are living in specified exempt accommodation. You can however, still claim Council Tax Support from Merton using our online claim form.

If you do not, must claim Universal Credit housing cost element from the Department of Work and Pensions for help with your housing costs. Ask to claim claim Housing Benefits with these benefits when you claim the following benefits through the DWP Jobcentre Plus: Jobcentre Plus will handle the claim and you'll only need to answer questions once.

Use the LHA website to help you: The amount of housing benefit you receive will depend on your personal circumstances, including your income, savings, who else lives in your household and the level of your rent.

The amount of housing benefit you get could be reduced if you have one or more spare bedrooms.

Close Use our housing benefit and council tax reduction e-form to check your entitlement and make a claim.