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This kind of tableware soon became very popular in the United States due to its durability and low cost.In 1889 the Hanley pottery was opened, later the Alexander pottery, and in 1891 the Imperial Works Pottery.However, World War II nearly halted production and shipments to the US became sporadic.

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Johnson Brothers, originally a British tableware manufacturer and exporter, was noted for its early introduction of "semi-porcelain" tableware.Some of its designs, "Eternal Beau", "Dawn", "Old Britain Castles" and "Historic America", achieved widespread popularity and are still collected today.The success of this venture led to rapid expansion. Henry Johnson joined them, followed ten years later by a fourth brother Robert Johnson.Having established a solid reputation producing basic “whiteware” the company developed a product known as "semi-porcelain", a range of pottery that had the characteristics of fine china, but the durability of ironstoneware.During the 1930s the original factory in Charles Street closed and new technology was introduced with the development of modern systems of firing using electricity rather than coal.

This in turn led to a better quality product, lower prices and better conditions for the workforce.

Johnson Brothers continued its growth in the tableware industry throughout the first half of the 20th century.

After 1918 the popular "Dawn" range of coloured bodies was launched and Johnson Brothers began exporting its tableware throughout the British Empire.

Since 1968 it has operated as a part of the Wedgwood Group.

The company's name derives from the names of the company's founders.

The four original 'Johnson Brothers' were Alfred, Frederik, Henry and Robert.