Bangas saex

Banerjee claimed that Bangash himself posed a "clear and present danger to the safety and security" of the country.

It's very clear in our belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.It goes against the core beliefs of Muslims; our understanding springs directly from the Qur'an," said Bangash. It emerged from a very careful study and understanding of the behaviour of the United States government and its policies down the generations...CAF President Khaled Mouammar also defended Bangash, stating that "he is a man of dignity" and that "he has no blood on his hands like those Israeli war criminals who come to Canada and are received by our politicians, like Ariel Sharon." On 14 February 2010, at a conference entitled "Media War on Islam," Bangash stated the "Israeli-owned" International Consultants on Targeted Security runs security at Amsterdam airport, and therefore "the Israelis are in control of security," and thus allowed Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to board a Detroit-bound plane with concealed explosives.and has called for Islamic revolutions in other countries, stating that "Muslims must strive to overthrow the oppressive systems in their societies through Islamic revolutions, and not by participating in fraudulent elections organized by the elites operating through various political parties that actually divide the people." However, Bangash has denied being an advocate of creating an Islamic theocracy telling the Toronto Star "I am suggesting not necessarily an Iranian-style theocracy but I am advocating that people in the Muslim world should get rid of their corrupt regimes in the same way as the people of Iran got rid of the corrupt regime of the shah, of course." In December 2009 following the presidential election protests in Iran, Bangash wrote an article in "Crescent International" in which he denied the alleged fraud in the Iranian elections and called the protesters a "small and rowdy mob" who wanted to "destroy the Islamic system of government" in Iran In 2004, the Toronto District School Board proposed the introduction of "anti-homophobia education" at a downtown Toronto school.Its military has been defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan and stretched to the limit...

Politically, the US is virtually in a state of civil war." He further stated that "As the US and the West suffer defeat at the hands of Muslims in such places as Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and elsewhere, they will become more oppressive toward Muslims living in their midst." He also stated that the decline of the United States "offers a great opportunity for Muslims to reclaim the high moral ground in global politics and lead errant humanity to its salvation.""I want to send this clear message to this Satanic power whose representatives are hiding in that building: that your days are also numbered; you will see.... And when America goes, Israel goes, because Zionist Israel is dependent on America.

Bangash is also co-founder of the Muslim Unity Group.

He is best known for his commentaries current affairs while editor of Crescent International.

He was the keynote speaker at a 2007 Marxist conference in Toronto prompting Bangash critic Tarek Fatah of the liberal Muslim Canadian Congress to comment "For atheists, considered worthy of the death penalty by Islamists, to team up with their ultimate opponents in attacking Canadian civic society, demonstrates the fundamental bankruptcy of these two political ideologies." Bangash was the focus of controversy when his association with a planned mosque in Newmarket, Ontario was used as a rallying point by opponents attempting to convince the municipality to rescind zoning approval for the building.

A group called "Concerned Citizens Against Terror for Citizens of Newmarket" led by Ron Banerjee of the Canadian Hindu Advocacy and Meir Weinstein of the Jewish Defence League organised protests and a public meeting against the mosque's construction.

He would rather have Americans starve to death but he cannot say no to the Zionist parasitical state... We have invited to this centre United Church ministers to come and speak, Mennonite pastors to come and speak." In 2005, the mosque held a service in which every member of the congregation was asked to bring someone who was non-Muslim.