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Blind to the fact that they're violating the laws of ethics and of the United States, the two boys delight in manipulating the old man's emotions, and don't see that they're edging their way towards provoking a tragedy.

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Despite Gilly's intense efforts to make Maime's (and others) life miserable, you can easily guess how she'll react when her wealthy grandmother Nonie Hopkins (Glenn Close) shows up and suggests to take care of her.

That's the decisive moment when the rebellious girl breaks down emotionally and proves that deep down she truly has a human, sensitive heart.

Trevor White Rich Sommer, Clifton Collins, Jr., Joanne Froggatt, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Amanda Crew TBD (* Premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival) In 1960, Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson trades in his powerful post to become John F. For three years, Johnson desperately struggles to remain relevant while his political importance continues to fade.

But on November 22, 1963, an assassin’s bullet catapults Johnson into the most powerful office in the world.

It's also not a well-known story about a young criminal who's experiencing a drastic change of identity due to a certain trustworthy person and when he's converted he goes on a mission as a devout priest in poor Africa. This time it's a stubborn 12 year old girl (Sophie Nélisse) who changes foster homes one after the other because of her impossible behavior. And that's to be reunited with her natural mother who left her behind while moving to San Francisco.

Then one day she's assigned to the religious Maime Trotter (Kathy Bates), who's a model of kindness and masquerades as the supreme mother-hen.In this unlikely setting, a fighter becomes a dreamer and kid without hope envisions a brighter future. You can't turn on the tube without seeing one of the soap's later years young adult stars in primetime!A rookie FBI agent who is unfamiliar with the terrain and weather enlists Cory to help her find those responsible.Taylor Sheridan Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Jon Bernthal, Graham Greene Fall 2017 (* Premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival) INGRID GOES WEST follows a young woman named Ingrid who becomes obsessed with a social media star named Taylor Sloane with a seemingly perfect life.Gilly Hopkins (Sophie Nélisse) has seen more than her share of foster homes and has outwitted every family she has lived with.