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Eyebrow This is the most popular procedure we do for a very natural hair-like stroke between your natural hairs.We can also create the appearance of hair for those who have thinning or no brow hair. The study states that Black parents may be more harsh on their children in an attempt to prepare them for a world that is filled with discrimination and societal biases that do not favor people of color.

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Full Lip Color This is a great procedure for those who are looking to slightly enhance the size of their lips.Our lip liner and lip blend will leave your lips looking natural, full and beautiful at all times.Another study conducted by the American Sociological Association reveals that regardless of social class, Black parents were more likely to send their children to Bible camp and Sunday school, while their white peers encouraged their children to participate in activities such as piano lessons and soccer camp.These factors reveal that not a great deal has changed in terms of the values African Americans hold dear in terms of child-rearing.In the study Parenting Styles African American and White Families with Children–Findings From an Observational Study, research reveals that male children are parented more harshly than female children.

While some Black parents do this in an attempt to prepared their sons for the realities of white Supremacy, this style of parenting often sends the message that aggression and violence are acceptable forms of behavior.Discipline and child-rearing (or lack thereof) also determines how the world sees a child.For example, many older Black parents and grandparents do their best to ensure that the children and grandchildren “behave” in public.While raising children who are structure and hard-working is important, regardless of ethnicity, the data suggests that a balance of discipline and encouragement is necessary for Black children.Spending quality time with children, learning their interests, and enforcing chores and household duties while encouraging social time are among the ways Black parents can teach their children the values of respect and responsibility, while encouraging healthy parent/child interaction and enhancing the child’s social skills and worth ethic.The video, titled "Black Parents Explain How to Deal with the Police," shows several parents telling their children exactly what they should do when confronted by a police officer, as well as explaining why the law likely won't work in their favor.