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When the woman returns drunk, Tallulah decides to kidnap the baby.

When her boyfriend leaves her and goes back to New York City, she drives straight to Manhattan.Homeless and hungry, she tries to con her boyfriend's mother Margot (Allison Janney) into giving her money and possibly a place to stay.The mature themes -- failed families, letting go of the past, moral ambiguity -- as well as the edgy content -- characters lie, cheat, and steal to survive -- make this most appropriate for older teens and adults.In the first five minutes, the lead character flees from a bar after conning the locals out of their money, smokes marijuana, and has sex in the back of the van she lives in.I also agree to report suspected exploitation of minors and/or human trafficking to the appropriate authorities.

) in which Ellen Page plays a young homeless woman who makes a snap decision to kidnap a baby from an unfit mother.

There is frequent profanity, including ample use of "f--k." A mother is shown very drunk, discussing the affair she's having while her toddler walks around naked, urinating on the floor and holding an unopened beer bottle.

A woman discusses how she tried to smuggle heroin by sticking the package into her vagina. In TALLULAH, the title character (Ellen Page) is a vagabond living a hand-to-mouth existence in a van with her boyfriend.

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