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I am obviously not thrilled at all with Osborne as a candidate but if he did win, at least another person in the establishment (Bob Dalleri) would be knocked off and maybe Osborne can at least be reasoned with on some issues. Alexander Duncan When I first started voting in 2000, there were a few contested County Commission races and when I saw the election results, I realized that Seminole County was a republican county.After that, no democrat ran for County Commission until 2012 when Gail Ellis despite not doing much campaigning got about 44 percent of the vote against Brenda Carey who is part of the establishment and is running again for re-election.5th Ciruit Court of Appeals Merit Retention We will also decide on merit retention for 4 5th District Court of Appeals Justices.

It was usually us getting to choose between the republican and their fake write-in candidate. He has also held elective office in Seminole County as a member of the Soil and Water Conservation District.For years, I had hoped that a viable democrat would just run to give me an option and this cycle, I not only got that but someone who is speaking out about the hold the republican establishment has had on this County. The man also has a great platform and it would be great to have him on The County Commission to hold the establishment accountable and call them out when need be. Alexander Duncan and encourage everyone else to do so as well.Florida Supreme Court Merit Retention Retain Charles T.Canady: NO Retain Jorge Labarga: YES Retain Ricky Polston: NO Of the bat, I am sure the right wing is going to try and get Jorge Labarga kicked off the Supreme Court again like they tried to do back in 2010.Walter Osborne ran as an Indy for State Senate back in 2014.

His pamphlets included work that cited "Americans For Prosperity" which is the Koch Brothers Organization.The best one would have been a democrat running for this seat or the write-in rule being overruled by the Secretary of State and/or the Courts.County Commissioner District 1: Walter Osborne This is really just a vote for the generic democrat. Congress: Stephanie Murphy State Representative: Steve Edmonds/Fred Marra/Ryan Yadev Clerk of Courts: Grant Maloy or Write-In "Open Primary" Tax Collector: Joel Greenberg or Write-In "Open Primary" County Commission District 1: Walter Osborne County Commission District 5: H. President/Vice President: Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine I understand that some progressives are still upset about the primary but voting third party or staying home like some did in our Governor's race in 2014 only hurts our cause.Voting third party or staying home only will only get Donald Trump elected and with heartless Speaker Paul Ryan in his ear, you can bet all they will do is destroy the social safety net, pass hateful right-wing laws and multiple U. Supreme Court that will uphold their heartless policies. Senate: Patrick Murphy I had hoped that a progressive like U. She has run a great campaign and many national experts believe this race is a toss-up.In District 28, an independent Steve Edmonds is challenging republican incumbent Jason Brodeur.