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The mighty monasteries, the lofty stupas and the ever-so melodic chants of Mantras make one forget about their anxieties and stress, trials and tribulations, and one is simply lost in the world of divinity that heals just about everything.

It is the second largest city and is the most popular tourist destination in Bihar.

The city is established on the bank of River Phalgu and is named after the demon called Gayasur.

This city has several age-old stupas, monasteries and temples.

Some of the major attractions include Sahet, where Budhha is believed to have lived for 24 years; Mahet, where once was a fortified city and Jain Temple thatwas the birthplace of the third Jain Teerthankara, Swayambunatha.

Today, Bodhgaya is an important place of Buddhist pilgrimage in India and has a number of monasteries, which were constructed by devout Buddhists of Japan, Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

The major attraction in Gaya is the Maha Bodhi Temple or the Vishal Buddha Mandir that has a mammoth statue of Buddha in a deep meditation.Mulagandha Kuti Vihar and Sarnath Museum are yet other major attractions for the tourists in Sarnath.Kushinagar is located about 53 km from Gorakhpur and is believed to be the place where Lord Buddha attained ‘Maharparinivana’- the highest stage of salvation.After the excavation in 1861 many stupas related to Buddha resurfaced in Kushinagar and today they are amongst the major tourist attractions here.The Ramabhar Stupa is one of the major attractions; this stupa is about 50 feet tall and situated where Lord Buddha was cremated.Other major attractions in Sarnath are Chaukhandi Stupa, which is believed to have been constructed during Emperor Ashoka’s reign; it is in fact the first monument encountered after entering Sarnath.