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It is not known how many bodies might be found at other sites.

The findings follow a report by Amnesty International in December, and come days before African leaders are due to discuss the conflict in Burundi at the African Union (AU) summit in Addis Ababa.

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My father said he was brought in this place but one of the killers recognized that our grandfather gave him a cow and helped him to escape”, says Mpawenayo.

“I, too, was about to be killed and I fled to Bujumbura the capital.

The men that took him refused to tell her where the body was being taken.

“I don’t know where he is or if he’s been buried,” she said.

Onésime Nzojibwami, another inhabitant of Gasenyi, says the crisis began when Charles Ndizeye, King Ntare V got killed.

“I was in 4th form in primary school in 1972 when the crisis broke out. People were killed and their riches stolen”, Nzojibwami says.Clotilde Niragira, Executive Secretary in Truth and Reconciliation Commission- CVR, says they plan to cover those mass graves and protect them before organizing a decent burial for those people.Aloys Batungwanayo, Chairman of the Association for the Remembrance and Protection of Humanity against International Crimes-AMEPCI, calls on Burundi Government to identify and punish those who committed those crimes.“So many people have been killed in this locality including two of my relatives», Banyoroshe says.” There are other three mass graves in Gisozi, another commune of Mwaro province”, says Mpawenayo.Different inhabitants of Gasenyi locality call on the government to organize the burial of those bones of people who were killed and buried in those mass graves.The imagery, dating from late December and early January, shows disturbed earth consistent with witness accounts.