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Female students struggling with tuition fee debts are joining a controversial dating site in order to meet "sugar daddies" who will pay to date them.

Dating site Seeking has published figures showing the 20 British universities with the highest number of students registered on the site.

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According to a representative, the monthly allowance for sugar babies is ,440.Data from the website shows that 39 percent of that money goes toward tuition payments, while 30 percent is used for housing.This site really helps young, smart, beautiful and ambitious women to get out there and get recognised... But no matter what your desires may be, you are brutally honest about who you are, what you expect and what you offer." Seeking has released the following list of "The fastest growing Sugar Baby schools in the UK". There are always going to be flakes but so far, every guy I have met up with has been real and always has something to offer, and not just money or sex." In return, the site promises the Sugar Babies a "Modern Gentlemen", describing them as: "You are always respectful and generous. The universities are ranked according to new sign-ups for 2013: 1. Nottingham University tops the list with 61 sign-ups, while Kent and London School of Economics follow in second and third respectively, according to the .

The University of Cambridge, according to recent rankings, the "best university in the world", comes fourth, with 46 students signing up to the site.Among them are are 208 students from The University of Kent, 195 from The University of Nottingham and 175 from The University of Manchester. Despite 64 out of 122 institutions raising the average cost of undergraduate degrees last year, British universities accepted a record high of half a million students to their courses. If less students depended on loans and more graduates paid off their loans, then the overall budget for higher education would decrease dramatically.” Since it's launch in 2006, Seeking has attracted 2.7m members. Students account for over 42% of the Sugar Baby members, making them the site's largest demographic. One young woman posted her experiences on the site, saying: "I started on this site a few months ago, not knowing what I was doing.