Can intj dating intj

Appearing clueless and subsequently taken for a ride. As I have personally experienced multiple times, the INTJ is so future-oriented that if they determine a woman or interest to not match their long-term vision there is a strong chance they will avoid progressing the interaction. I have rebuffed women in the past for the most inconsequential things.

Truthfully, often I hid behind these excuses to avoid vulnerability.

With a singular vision towards the future, a clear preference for efficient time investment and in-born introversion an INTJ might be reluctant, skeptical or choose to avoid dating altogether. It’s ironic, of all of the types an INTJ might be one of the more romantic.

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It is as if once the vision for their life was taking shape, that is when they decided it was the right time.

INTJs seek to future-proof everything in their lives.

After a few successful dates we were reaching a tipping point.

We organised a movie night but it never went ahead. The revelation came out of nowhere but for some reason it did not surprise me.

Therefore they are less likely to court others to fill a hole in their lives. I recall posing this question once on a subreddit and a user said that in order for them to date a girl “the emotion has to override their natural leanings of skepticism and self-direction”. In true INTJ fashion, I needed to test my prowess in the field.

While I seek a meaningful connection with someone I know the chances of finding it are slim, and I know fairly quickly whether a connection will be fruitful or not.In fact, INTJ individuals that are unbalanced (i.e.dedicated to their work) might struggle understanding the social nuances of relationships altogether.Following lunch we had drinks and from there we began to date. We were never more than a twenty minute walk from her place.Viewing the dating process as a series of carefully coordinated manoeuvres will ensure comfort and confidence.In a one-to-one interaction this might not be a problem.