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Katie x Hi Katie, so sorry you have had to experience this again. However, my mum had three of us and one miscarriage, she has one boy and two girls, all healthy.

The thought that I couldn't carry boys crossed my mind but ds is nearly 4 weeks old now so it doesn't apply to me - mine must just have been one of those things. I had my little boy in 05 without any problems and I am now 9 weeks pregnant.

Had my booking in appointment with the midwife yesterday and she found a heartbeat ( was sooo pleased) and have convinced myself that this time it is a boy, but who knows? Sending you lots of Hi I have had 3 miscarriages in the last year.

I have also wondered about only being able to carry one sex but what are the chances of having conceived 3 boys in a row?

The questions are endless and I am desperate for answers.

Katie x Hi Katie, first of all Im so sorry for your loss.

I know lots of people who have only boys or only girls, and have miscarried more than once.

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My sister though she could not have children and she is now pregnant (after many losses) and it is a girl.

I knew it was a girl (well assumed) as she made it to her 20 week scan as I believe she is like our mum.

The 1st time I carried to 5 weeks, the 2nd time we saw the heart beat and I carried until 11 weeks and the latest one I carried to 6 weeks.