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It’s not specifically the rich part that women love; it is the personal success.So, if you are passionate about what you do, you are rich in many ways and women see that side as independent and prosperous.

Don’t worry nice guys-let this champion break it down for you.

I’ve taken the time to dissect this ongoing issue concerning girls always dating assholes and throughout my endeavors, I found the underlying origins that will clear up the status quo.

Women love to nurture men, but we definitely do not want to be washing your boxers or packing you a lunch!

Establish yourself by doing something that makes you happy and BE dedicated to the things you love.

Chances are that we are going to get bored with the nice guys, ultimately end up to hurting you. When you get involved with an asshole, the both of you are put in a very vulnerable state, which is what makes this whole situation so zesty and invigorating; it’s like a spicy hummus-yum!

You can take my perfectly molded Rainbow flip-flops or my favorite infinity scarf away from me but don’t make me be the bad guy! Basically, assholes are scared of experiencing feelings while girls are scared of getting hurt.

The majority of girls are enticed by assholes because it’s a damn quest. (Try that line next time a nice guy is trying to cross over the friend zone.) Dating an asshole is sort of like taming a wild horse.

Fundamentally, dating in your twenties is all about playing the game; am I right or am I right? You meet out in the wild; you work to gain their trust and respect, train them a little and then, ‘Viola! Nice guys, on the other hand, are like old golden retrievers.

Going back to our Fifty Shades analogy, I thought the best thing about our friend Mr.

Grey was that he took his woman gliding in a plane, played piano for her and showed her his other interests.

Another important thing to say here is that you should not give up your favorite pastime or hobby.