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Greg ______________ 2005 Kanstul 1600 "WB" 1958 Conn Connstellation 38B 1957 Olds Recording 2008 Bach Strad 197 "New York #7" 1998 Benge 90C 2003 Yamaha "Bobby Shew" Flugelhorn 1972 Bach Strad cornet 1956 Olds Ambassador cornet Bach 3Cs all around!! From all that I have in my life better Connstelation 38B. I'm wondering what my fellow mouthpieces are used in this tube. Of course these tools, I say, has not made today ... In August/September 2009 I received information and then, by chance, strong evidence that has caused me to change my views on this again.

Connstellations with serials 6xx,xxx: pay close attention to the styling details described above.

Another variation among Connstellations is the third slide stop screw.

Conn Ltd., sometimes called Conn Instruments or commonly just Conn, was a United ...

trademark on the exterior of a saxophone case dating from 1922.

I played a Connstellation in high school and university music school and it was a wonderful instrument. v=BDy7EP25f TQ_________________Conn 20A - 28A - 37A - 38B - 80A Legends mouthpieces Thank you , David! It has a #1 bore (0.438"), and was produced from 1956 to at least 1979. The 19 versions used a style of valve cap that was specific to those years. From 1958 (as pictured here) Conn switched all trumpets and cornets to a style of valve cap with the felt on the top valve caps itself.

I am happy you have found a trumpet that you enjoy very much and that you can use in different kinds of groups. The Connstellation 38B is nickel plated with brass trim and has a large 5 1/8" bell.The valve caps are lacquered brass in the style used starting in 1958.But it has a 1955 serial number (in the case of the 38B I used to own: 502321). The Connstellation pictured here is the "Late Model". So I have decided to "split" the 38B Connstellation into a page for "Early Model" and "Late Model" as I have done with some of the other models. Best wishes, Sergey Bondarev._________________Conn 20A - 28A - 37A - 38B - 80A Legends mouthpieces Hi Sergey. The late models only have "B" stamped on the leadpipe.