Convalidating a catholic marriage

Catholics who have married outside of the Catholic Church are encouraged to have their civil marriage recognized by the Church. These couples, who were no doubt well intentioned and sincere in professing their vows outside of the Catholic Church, are not considered validly married in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

This is because the form for the Sacrament of Marriage has not been observed.

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Canon Law # 1160 A marriage which is null because of defect of form must be contracted anew in canonical form in order to become valid, without prejudice to the prescript of ? It needs to demonstrate that it entered into the non-canonical marriage without malice or deception.Both individuals must show that they are penitent of their misunderstanding and misdeed and that they desire the bond that by its very nature is perpetual and exclusive and through which they are strengthened and, as it were, consecrated for the duties and dignity of their state by a special sacrament (Canon # 1134).Those who usually seek a convalidation, it is because they married outside of the Catholic Church/parish.The position of the Catholic Church is very clear on this matter.If the impediment to a marriage is a defective consent by one or both parties, a simple renewal of consent removes the impediment and can effect validation.

"Marriage convalidation" means to have your marriage "recognized" (or blessed) by the Catholic Church.When the impediment is removed or dispensed, the consent is ipso facto ratified and no renovation is required.In such a case, it is requisite that the consent of both parties to the marriage had not ceased and that their marriage had had the external appearance of a true marriage.If a couple finds themselves in the situation that they are married civilly, but considered unmarried by the Church since they never requested the Sacrament of Marriage, then they should contact a priest in order to begin the process of convalidating their union.This process is usually not very difficult and opens the way for the couple to live their faith more fully. We already violated mine for not marrying throgh the Church.