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Because your Jamaica getaway should always include more than your mind can imagine. Explore our resort Our most intimate resort, Couples Negril is located on 18 acres on the island’s west coast.

We love the entertainment and of course the most beautiful beach! It is not a huge resort, which made it nice to get to know other people. We just returned from 8 days of paradise at Couples Negril, The staff were wonderful and very friendly. This is a safe place where you can make friends from all over the world. Please use common sense and do not give anyone any sensitive private information about yourself. NOTE: This Chat Room works on PC's and Mac computers / laptops / notebooks / netbooks.This Chat Room will NOT work on i Phones, i Pod Touches, i Pads, and Android (Google Phone) devices.John and Kate have been married for 16 years and own a nice home in a comfortable Vineland, New Jersey neighborhood.

They have two teenaged children who are doing well in school.

Kate was up late one night while John was working a night shift. It gave her a sense of freedom and, while she cared about John and worried about the effects divorce might have on her children, she knew spending her life trying to make it work wasn’t what she wanted.

She opened her laptop and, with a slight sense of disbelief, typed in a search on the internet... A lot of divorce websites turned up, and she found that there were basically four types of divorce processes in New Jersey: litigation, arbitration, mediation and collaboration.

On the way to their Saturday morning marriage counselling session, Kate asks John if he thinks these sessions will ever do them any good. The mention of a divorce completely blind sides John.

He knew things weren’t the best, but did not think they were bad enough to end it all.

John has a stable job at a growing South Jersey company.