Danmark x x x

The others just left to stare in awe as they exited.Denmark gently threw Norway onto the bed, in an almost childish manir, before pouncing on the bed and attacking Norway's neck with sweet kisses, his teeth grazing Norway's soft and pale skin seductively.

Danmark x x x-12 TTn TT Ahhhh I'm sorry for my absence *bows like a idiot* I kind of lost everything on the account I admin this page with then regained it like an hour ago x D sorry soooo I got a picture ;n;

I guess there were some people out there Italy x Child!

Denmark was clearly hammered, no other way to describe the danish man.

His hair was frazzled as he sat there, watching the tipsy Norway with a wide smirk.

The other hand began removing each button of his clean white shirt.

Norway's shirt was then removed, as were his trousers pretty damned quickly.

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