Dating a drill instructors daughter

and even they will stay long into the night to make sure you're taken care of. This morning played out like this: ME: Good morning Monday, you beautiful day you!

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I don't go back to work until tomorrow, so I have a full day of kid-less, husband-less, distraction-less writing planned.

We talk a bit on the way to work and I can tell he's getting antsy. Not that I am complaining, every soldier pulls their 24 hour shifts when it is their turn, I simply wish we had known before he left this morning.

The cycle hasn't even started yet and already we have complications. So the morning plays out in typical morning fashion, only a bit smoother than normal, what with the extra time we have to deal with.

Lunches are packed, diapers are changed, kids are carted off to school, dishes done, laundry started.

Running on next to no sleep with four kids who are running on next to no sleep, today has been trying. Joe was home very late last night, and so sick he could hardly talk, let alone breathe.

It has for Dear Hubby as well, with his impending respiratory infection. The end of this cycle can't come soon enough already. Being out in this wicked cold wind we have blowing through (following that one 70 degree day) is really kicking his camouflaged hiney.He calls back once he arrives with the news that he is, in fact, on 24-hour duty today so he won't be home until tomorrow. 24 hours apart always calls for an extra hug and kiss goodbye.We have a tradition, though, and we started this tradition back at our first duty station in Vicenza, Italy.But let me tell you, there is NOTHING in the world scarier than news reports about a superflu and your own sick child whose fever won't respond to analgesics. See when you have a tribe of children and one needs to visit the doctor or the ER, it's best to take just the sick child so you don't pick up a thousand other bugs for later.So instead of continuing on with our tradition of dinner in the car, Hubby was left to fend for himself for dinner and my boy and I made plans to visit the ER. That's when the other spouse comes in handy, to watch said children in the safety of the home. EVEN IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT A WALL LOCKER IS, IT IS BEST TO LOCK IT ANYWAY.Any idea how to make a Drill Sergeant go to the doctor? *A flexitarian is a vegetarian, mostly :-) Unfortunately, on the way to post, the road proved to be more than a little bumpy in a standard vehicle. ****************************************************************************** I haven't updated in awhile and I am so sorry for that.