Dating a former prostitute

It just seems to me that there are so many better ways to deal with your sex drive than resorting to something dangerous, illegal, degrading, icky, etc.

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Like if they had done it to pay for college, or something.

But these girls had wasted all the money they earned on frills, and had nothing to show for their time as working girls, but that weird mixture of defiance and victimhood Cat Fight described.

A (male) friend of mine is a night auditor at a hotel, and his friend once called an escort when they were hanging out at my friend's job. But buying it from a hooker crossed a line that I'm not sure my buddy knew he really had, there. And I know that makes me a hypocrite, because if he'd, say, had some sort of kept woman - or a trophy wife? My only requirement is that you be clean at the time of our getting together.

I guess if a guy of mine had in his misspent youth gotten some in Thailand on vacation once with his buddies, I'd be okay with that (assuming, of course, that he tested out okay) but if he was a regular escort client? And it isn't really because of the victimization of the women, or disease, or whatever. Given that, and all other things being equal, I couldn't care less with whom you've done what in the past. (Although someone who was currently working would be another issue entirely.) A few of my friends have been sex workers in the past.

It's one thing to keep your options open by dating other eligible women until you're ready to commit, but it's another thing entirely to hire on the services of a professional for the sole purpose of sexual gratification.

Not exactly what the OP is looking for, perhaps, but I once broke up with a guy because he had had too many girlfriends (three out of a total of 12 relationships in his life) that were (ex)prostitutes. It did bother me that he had been dating these prostitutes, even way before my time, but that had more to do with the feeling that he got himself too easily sucked in by crazy drama victim girls. It wouldn't have bothered me nearly as much if the girls had been sensible about their work as prostitutes.Some in relationships, some one-nighters, some friends with bennies.If he had been paying for prostitutes instead I would certainly want to know why.And if they were still doing it, it would be a deal breaker. I don't like hanging out around people who do illegal things because I fear retribution too much.I feel so conflicted, because philosophically I'm all "safe, legal, healthy," but I'm ooged out by the idea of some guy of mine having visited a sex worker. And my friend used to be a bouncer at a titty bar - it's not like he or I is squeamish about the sex worker concept. I've done questionable things in my past, and I'd hate to have them held over my head.If you object to prostitution, do you interview prospective partners? " "Do you now or have you ever patronized a prostitute? Yeah, there are some basket cases (especially among street workers), but there are some wonderful, vibrant, well-adjusted people doing sex work as well. Also Australian, where sex work is legalised.)No, I wouldn't date someone who has been to prostitutes. I've done questionable things in my past, and I'd hate to have them held over my head.