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She insists on playing the game by her rules, even if that makes things more difficult.

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Sincerely, Gimme Some Sugar " Dear Gimme Some Sugar, A sugar daddy is a term that is a little bit dated, but, basically, it refers to a man who is usually older than the woman he's with, and he's very wealthy and lavishes her with gifts and money.

This could also be the description of a good husband.

As a result, they turn toward online dating to find their soul mate.

Rather than searching out through various dating advice websites, we offer you all the advice and tips you will ever need and all in one convenient place.

His blog is filled with candid shots into his time as a sugar daddy, the good and the bad.

He also offers his opinions on different debates in the sugar bowl and ties in lyrics with many of his posts, for those of you who want a song that says what you’re thinking.

She offers great advice and even matchmaking services for those looking for their own SD or SB.

There’s a reason you can find her work all over the Internet – she’s that good.

* It's nice to be with someone who's generous.

If he or she is generous with gifts and money, they're probably generous in other ways, too.

The reason the term is dated is because age and money are no longer such a big deal -- and lots of men have "sugar mammas." Pros of having a sugar: * It's nice to be with someone who is financially secure.