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I am fairly certain that this man has feelings for me, and since his fiancée travels frequently, he has invited me to several social events.

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If this guy recognizes that your coming into his life has prompted a timely reassessment of his priorities and desires, fine.But it sounds like he’d just like to have some fun pre-wedding, and maybe even post-. Airplane Etiquette: What’s the etiquette for airplane windows?How do I overcome feeling like a horrible brother and kind of a creep?A: When people are really drunk they have a propensity to harm themselves and others—they fall off buildings, they drive into other cars. That did no permanent damage, so be grateful if that’s the worst outcome of your youthful overindulgence.Instead of your chemistry illustrating that you two are a better match than the one he’s made, his behavior is showing you what a bad prospect he is. If someone else is sitting next to the window, would it be rude for me to ask him or her to close it?

If I’m sitting next to the window and someone asks me to close it, would it be rude to refuse?

I can’t rule on your boyfriend because he’s still so young, and many young people with floridly adventurous sexual youths settle down to contented monogamy.

But to have already been divorced by age 26 and to think that a fling with a troubled woman a generation older has long-term potential indicate that your guy still has a lot of growing up to do.

When that happens, usually I compromise by pulling it down halfway.

Once a flight attendant reached across me to slam it shut, but I reopened it a bit, and the plane was not diverted to have me arrested.

You don’t know what Jane knows, but for the past decade she’s acted as if nothing happened.