Dating and marriage in korean culture single mother dating worries

It is common practice for friends, superiors or parents who introduce between couples.

Typically, a friend or coworker will both officiate and host at the wedding, and a tidy banquet with rice cakes, noodles, corn, and alcohol is prepared.As a wedding gift, the guests typically give either 5-10 North Korean won or some rice, corn, or other food.After the wedding, how do the two families sort out the provision of household furnishings for the newly married couple?Because in North Korea, unlike South Korea, housing is publicly provided by the state, the pressure to “prepare a house” is much lower, and it is taken as a given that the newlyweds will live together with their in-laws.On the other hand, because we are one people, there are still many similarities between our countries in terms of marriage customs.

Seeing these similarities makes me hope for quick reunification.

Weddings are typically held in large community spaces, including community centers or even workplaces.

In Pyongyang, the most popular wedding locations such as Kyeongheung Hall, Munsu Restaurant, and Cheongryu Hall are all restaurants.

After reunification, we will probably be able to see many “Southern man, Northern woman” couples unite in marriage.

In this Korean dating culture article we will explore the relationship between a foreigner and a local Korean.

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