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Now I think linear time is itself an illusion and I don't believe in reincarnation in a particularly linear sense, but to the extent which one can speak of reincarnation in any meaningful way, I feel that perhaps I was one of the women who followed him, who adored him, who lived for him, because I feel that I'm that now.

eller først af alt med dating: Begynd med de danske netdating-eksperter på , som systematisk gennemgår de seriøse og etablerede netdating-sider, der findes 5 ting kvinder kigger efter på første date 6 ting du aldrig må gøre på første date 10 gode råd til kvinders første date 14 ting du ikke skal gøre på en date Hørt: "Vi fandt hinanden efter, at vi hver især havde oprettet os som brugere med profiler på flere forskellige, men anbefalelsesværdige datingsider - på n gang!

The issue here is that the birth of a child is a miracle - and that we are surrounded by the miraculous, but we don't have miracle-minded perception. First of all, I believe we are all Sons of God, and it is our destiny to be as Jesus. The other is that, having taught them, he then became the teaching incarnate.

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As far as his relationship to the Jews, his dialogue with the Jews, his constant conversation with the Jews, it continues to this day.

It is deeper and more complicated than language can even approach. Not only is the story laced with the drama of the male Jews who surrounded him, and who were his people, but it is similarly laced with the drama of the female Jews who were around him. I understand that such an unadulterated relationship with Jesus is a threat to some proponents of Christian doctrine, but Christian doctrine is not what concerns me.

TURNOFFS: Crowds, getting up early, traffic, rude people, smog, liver and flying.

FAVORITE SPORTS: Water skiing, jet skiing, boating, racquetball, snow skiing and bicycle riding.

The Course does not teach, nor do I believe, that the word "Jesus" is the only word that can remind us.

A Course in Miracles also says "you do not have to personally invite Jesus into your thought system to aid you in your journey." But Jesus can do more for you if you did. My conversion to Christ, and to me conversion means "a conversion in thought-forms and a belief system" has in no way, ever, at any point in my journey, included even a serious consideration of a conversion to Christianity.

The relationship between the father and the son is one of shared power.

So to even think the name "Jesus" is to be reminded of one's essential nature and one's essential power.

IDEAL MAN: Patient, honest, outgoing, content, affectionate and fairly athletic.

SECRET FANTASY: To live on a tropical island with my ideal man and lots of exotic pets.

FAVORITE FOODS: Frozen bananas, milk, cheese, baked potatoes, artichokes, scallops and crab legs.