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Kevin Carmony Founder, Dating DNA DNA# 123-456-789 Some of you may be familiar with some of the early controversy with e Harmony’s acceptance practices.e Harmony didn’t let just anyone join their site, and they “rejected” a good number of applicants.

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For example, anytime you receive an email from a user, we provide a convenient link to quickly, with just a click or two, report the user for any number of reasons.

If enough users report the same user they are automatically deleted and sent the following email: Subject: Account Deleted Your Dating DNA account has been automatically deleted based on feedback from the Dating DNA community.

However, even though the site is G-rated, you must also be an adult (18 years or older) to have a Dating DNA account.

So, we often get asked the question, We get asked this question enough, I thought it time to address it in our blog.

If you don’t believe me, just check this out: Craigslist NYC Personals – Men Seeking Women.

We created Dating DNA to help sincere singles find someone compatible for dating.

The second club is dimly lit and filled with people scantly dressed, drunk, telling obscene jokes, and swearing profusely.

Which of these two clubs do you think this pervert will enter and spend the evening? If a website is full of nude photos, swearing, and obscene language, it will attract the perverts and repel those sincerely looking for someone compatible to date.

The entire Dating DNA site is “G Rated.” This means any of the public areas must not contain anything offensive to a “general audience.” (No nude or suggestive photos, no profanity or adult language in the forums and chat rooms, etc.) For example, our Forums and Chat Rooms have a filter to screen out potentially offensive, non-G rated language.

Profiles with non-G rated photos are quickly deleted, and so on.

As with my example of the two clubs earlier, by keeping Dating DNA 100% G-Rated, we are more likely to attract the sincere singles and repel the perverts.