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Adult children seem to bear very little responsibilties.

Such practices are hardly tolerated in Asian culture. Honestly, there are hardly any Asian men who are 100% "westernized". The greeks are very diferent from the British for example.

You also have to remember that a lot of women, especially western women, tend to secretly like jerks though many won't admit it and most of the asian men I run into fit the stereotypical nice guy Honestly, there are hardly any Asian men who are 100% "westernized". The greeks are very diferent from the British for example. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

For some reason, many western women seem to like high school dropouts with low IQ and little financial stability more than those straight A over-achievers who somehow look more reserved or dull. There is zero point in dating a guy who can't keep a stable job or who has ever cheated, no matter how good looking, fun and charming he seems.

It unfortunately made me very distrustful and cynical of white women, because so many of them deny that they're racist and yet have no problem telling me insulting, racist stuff like "why don't you date a nice Indian girl"?

I did end up marrying a white woman, but she isn't from North America.My experience with Canada comes mainly from Toronto and Vancouver, I have never been to Montreal.I found that in both cities where there were sizable numbers of Asian and White people, you saw plenty of White males with Asian females but you never saw it the other way around.I think the attitude problem lies specifically with white women in the heartland of North America.My advice to Asian males: go to really large cities in North America, like San Fran, LA, Seattle, or New York, or head for Paris, Barcelona, or Berlin. Well when I stayed in Minnesota for a few weeks I saw a few Asian and Brown men with White women but it wasn't common, lots of Black men with White women though.Maybe I would've had better luck on the West Coast, who knows, but I haven't lived there.