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Children learn to offer both hands when receiving an object, especially form an adult, which shows respect.

To get married one has to pay a price for his bride to her family.A bride value today is usually paid in cash or material goods.Infections and parasitic diseases claim many lives, with the mortality rate for children under 5years being very concerning.Education for the African population has been almost non-existent for a long time under the Belgium colonial rule.The years after independence were shadowed by civil war.

In the mid 1990s the conflict in neighbouring Rwanda and Burundi had spread to the Tutsi group in eastern Congo. When president Laurent Desire Kabila, who came into power backed up by Rwandan troops in 1997, shifted away from his alliance with Rwandan and Ugandan troops and ordered them home, a protracted civil war broke out.The little infrastructure that was built under colonialism focused on commercial exploitation of the territory rather than public welfare.Since the independence from Belgium in 1960 extreme political, social and economical instability has been dominant.It is best to avoid asking about someone’s ethnicity or making referrals to the civil war. Good topics of conversation include food, sport (soccer), fashion, Congo’s landscape, Australia, etc.In many situations people are flexible with appointed times, they don’t tend to be overly punctual.When a man is greeting a woman it is best to wait for the woman to extend her hand.